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Alexandria designer Apricus believes design to be a spiritual endeavor fusing persona and aesthetics . "I take inspiration from design principals, colors and patterns that influenced ancient civilizations  that have left a lasting legacy in arts and architecture".

Ruby Red Silk Dress
Rs. 11,199.00
Ivory Eri Silk Top
Rs. 3,699.00
Collection Inspiration
The collection -  Alexandria - named after Library of Alexandria is influenced by ancient Egypt.
The design patterns take inspiration from the Egyptian style of recording and writing, which can be seen in the historical references of rectangular hieroglyphs.

Mood Board Inspiration
The color palette has taken influence from precious stones seen on Tutankhamum's scarcophagus, such as: Turquoise, Lapiz Lazuli, Carnelian and Quartz. These, Apricus has beautifully translated into garments colors of - Black Onyx, Blue Lapiz and Turquoise Blue. Additionally, the collection is embroidered with  gold zari that symbolizes ancient Egyptians love for gold.
Fabric Inspiration
Silk was introduced in Egypt by traders and gained importance during Ptolemaic period. Apricus chooses for his collection a variety of silk closer to home. Peace silk, or better locally known as Ahimsa silk is a variety that is manufactured in a process where silkworms are not killed. 
Peace silk is warmer and softer as it is spun as a fiber rather than as a thread. Peace silk is also said to possess temperature regulating properties which help the body retain heat in cold surroundings and expel heat when it is warm. It is also know to be hypoallergenic fabric.